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COVID-19 UPDATE* MAR 17 2020
At home workouts-


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COVID-19 UPDATE* MAR 17 2020

I have been fielding an increasing number of questions asking me about Coronavirus disease 2019, now known as COVID-19, and I would like to offer a summary of the observed clinical course of COVID-19 as well as offer some potential supplements and lifestyle practices to help support your immune system during this time.  Please remember these are not ways to 100% prevent, mitigate, or treat coronavirus-related illnesses; however my hope is to help you enhance your immune system so that your own body will do a wonderful job at fighting and warding off any possible infection bacterial or viral in nature.

At home workouts-

As we are being instructed to stay away from public places and gyms are being asked to be closed for the next 30 days.  I thought what better idea then to help keep people happy, healthy and fit. By adding some of my favorite At-Home workouts!  For some of these you might need some equipment but for others you do not!  So go out get some sunshine and do these in a park, in your back yard or in the comforts of your home.

Equipment I recommend having at home is: Exercise Ball, A workout Band and maybe some light Dumbbells (or heavy if you want!